Oh My Goodness, 2015

Oh my goodness, what a year you were 2015! I think I will mostly remember 2015 as the year that…I Wasn’t Afraid Anymore.


One of my fav pics of 2015. My husband Mike and I

The girl, who had NO IDEA how to swim, swallowed her pride and took adult swim lessons with the Chicago Park District in January 2015. My entire goal was to be able to complete an indoor/outdoor triathlon in April. I trained hard, it was exhausting but it was very gratifying. I found myself gaining confidence and strength in the pool. Not speed, I would never gain speed actually (perhaps I will in 2016?). I also found myself on a bike, clipped in?! This was new to me…I had my share of embarrassing falls, but overall I enjoyed the bike. Again, I’m not fast on the bike…middle of the pack, but I found that cycling is very therapeutic and a wee bit sore on your booty. They have special cream for that…it tingles…I’m not kidding. Believe it or not…I also ran in 2015. I didn’t focus much on running, but I snuck in some running events and even an ultra-marathon which is always fun.

My favorite sports moments in 2015 in no particular order:

  • Swim lessons!! This is a picture from the day I found a pool right by my house! One mile away! This pool would be the location of so much inspiration misery and pride, including some workouts that I couldn’t even stand after. My husband reminds me that I ate an entire plate of bacon right after that swim. #iearnedit

The day I found the pool by my house!


I think I swam 10 laps this night and I couldn’t stand up afterwards

  • I earned my first ever Overall Female win in a 5K as an adult on April 25, 2015. Running alongside high school friends, made for a great day with awesome memories.



  • My first Tri! A dream come true. This race officially made me a triathlete! What made it better was that my favorite guy was along for the ride completing his first too! #teamwork




My kiddos are rock star cheerleaders


My training buddy Erin!


My running mommas came to watch me become a triathlete!

  • My first (and LAST) trail triathlon where I swear I almost died. I fell off my bike into the woods and racked my girlie bits on bike frame, among other things.

The bike ride from hell was almost over at this point. Headed to transition.


About to willfully jump into a freezing lake in northern Wisconsin. It was so cold it took my breath away.

  • Overcame a GIGANTIC fear and completed an Olympic Distance Triathlon! This was a big accomplishment for me. I’ll never forget standing on the beach contemplating backing out of the event. I’ll also never forget swimming into the beach after covering the swim distance and hearing my husband, daughters and my girlfriend Karen screaming for me. I even had some fab friends at the finish line. This girlie is very blessed! Take a look at the running picture below; I’m running into the finish line here with my daughter Julia and I’m all smiles. It felt so great to have her pushing me into the finish!

Standing on the beach crying. About to confront my biggest goal. Thinking of a million reasons not to enter the lake. #diditanyway


It was a billion degrees and I was so exhausted, but my biggest girlie helped me finish my Olympic Triathlon strong!

  • My family’s race moments make my heart smile too! Watching my twins daughters finish their first 5k side by side. Ava and Bella (8 years old) ran their first 5k with my husband and my girlfriend Alison. They smoked the race and ran a 29:50. Scarlett, my littlest girlie (4 years old) also “ran” in this race. How can you not just love the joy on her face as she’s finishing. Julia my 10 year old daughter took home a couple age group awards this year also, but says her favorite was a 5k at our local parish where she ran a 28:37 and my husband ran a 20:55. Both of them took home hardware and pushed hard.

My youngest 3! My twins had just finished their 5k and my littlest girlie ran the home stretch into the finish line.


The smile of an accomplished little girl, one of my fav moments of 2015!


Friends make every race awesome ❤


My hubby and daughter Julia hitting the podium at a local 5k.

  • I rode a “Metric Century” ride (62 miles) at Venus de Miles with a pretty amazing gal in 100 degree temps. Thank you for pushing me to stay strong Karen, especially at the end when I was really wavering. #foundoutilovejustinspeanutbutter #filledmyracekitwithit

One of my biggest inspirations, my friend Karen.


Before Venus de Miles with Wendy and Karen ❤


Before Venus de Miles with my sister Liz

  • Iron Girl Triathlon with my friend Erin. Girls weekend away at a super spooky hotel where we narrowly broke Erin’s bike (thank God for random stranger who fixed it), then when we showed up on race day, we found out that the event was NOT wetsuit legal…still survived somehow and had a great day full of awesome memories. And really awesome post run food. #earnedit

Checking out the lake the day before Iron Girl. Yup, it’s a lake and yup…it’s big.


We’re going to do a triathlon…without wetsuits. OMG. This is so scary!


Yes, yes I am 🙂

  • Ran a race in memory of Michelle Miller, a running friend, who passed away far too soon. Pushed hard (had some angelic intervention) and earned a 1st Place Age Group award.

With my best guy. Running in memory of Michelle.


Age group hardware! I did it for you Michelle. Is that your ray of sunshine shining down on us? I think it is…

  • Ran my slowest half marathon ever with a great friend Michael Scott in Indianapolis. Our families got to spend some fab time together too.  Sometimes, It’s not about speed. It’s about having fun. #runningfriendsrock #ikissedthebricksonthespeedway.

With my great friend Michael in Indy!


This silly picture makes me smile! #runningfriendsrock

  • I ran a 6 hour ultra-marathon which started at midnight! “Christmas in July” was held on one of the hottest days for the year, in a torrential thunderstorm. The night was spent with fab friends and I even made new friends along the way. My fondest memory of this run was running alone in a complete downpour at 1am (think big fat raindrops) while eating pizza and listening to Christmas Carols in an overhead sound system. #runnerswillunderstand

With many of my favorite ultra running friends! I am very blessed.


With my new buddy Paulius who got me to the finish line!

I’m very blessed to have an amazing support system of fabulous friends and family. We take pride in supporting one another. My husband and I rarely miss an event for each other. My heart is full as I watch him run because it’s something that he loves. Being a part of that makes my heart happy. Running is a huge part of our life, however it’s not  what defines us, but rather the love we have for one another and the pride we feel watching one another push hard to accomplish a goal.

I’m still contemplating 2016…I have some pretty cool goals. Am I scared? You betcha, but I think that’s what makes us stronger, at least me anyway. Thank you for taking a walk with me down memory lane for 2015. Tell me what your favorite moment of 2015 was…or what is it you plan to conquer in 2016?

XOXO – Mish


11 thoughts on “Oh My Goodness, 2015

  1. kboland77 says:

    Michelle! This post made me laugh, cry and smile tons. You were by far my biggest inspiration this year. I am so proud that I get to be your friend. You never stop amazing me. Keep doing what you’re doing. Love you so much!!!!!

  2. wendyistakingthelongwayhome says:

    It has been so much fun watching you crush your goals this year. All that and setting a great example for those girlies you are raising. Mish, I am honored to call you a friend. You are a huge inspiration to me. I can’t wait to see what 2016 brings! ❤

    • Michelle says:

      Thank you Wendy! Thank you for your support this year. It was so fun to be able to watch your training for the Chicago Marathon and then to watch you in person! Your so strong and awesome! ❤

  3. Sue @ This Mama Runs For Cupcakes says:

    Wow, just wow. I am so freaking proud of you!! I’m definitely envious, I would love to try a triathalon, but I’m scared to death and just don’t know if I can break that far out of my comfort zone. You had a pretty rocking year girly. Cheers to 2016!! xoxox

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