A Little Bit Personal…My Hospice Volunteer Work

Life really is about the journey; I’m reminded about this quite often and today was a perfect example of just that. I’m blessed to be able to do hospice volunteer work with a local organization.  I know my running page is mostly about running, triathlons and balancing my crazy life, but I’d be remiss if I didn’t share this with you. If I can encourage one person to take the journey into volunteer work, then this post is worth it.


My thoughts from today’s hospice visit…

Sometimes I wonder if she can hear me. I find myself wondering if she understands why I am there. Today she knew. Although she can’t verbalize her emotions, she showed me in so many ways that she understood what I was saying. My lunchtime visits with my hospice patient provide me with so much more than I could provide her. My visits give me a new perspective on life. My patient reminds me how fragile and valuable life is.  My visits help me be a better me. I didn’t know that this would happen, I didn’t want anything in return.

Today we prayed and held hands. She held my hand too, not lightly. It was a strong hold. It was in that ‘hold’ that I knew that she knew I was there. I talked with her about farms, cakes and jewelry. She had on the most beautiful diamond cross.  She loves to be dressed up.  My heart is full of love, but it is fuller after our visits. She is so strong.  Me? I hope to someday be as strong

as she is, for now I’ll continue to hold her hand,  pray and talk. #blessed

If you are interested I’d encourage you to look into volunteer opportunities near you. I have already received so much more then I have given and that is the absolute truth.


Thank you for letting me share a little bit about me with you. #bekind #begrateful #behappy

XOXO – Mish

“Be the change you want to see in the world.” -Gandhi


3 thoughts on “A Little Bit Personal…My Hospice Volunteer Work

  1. Teri B. says:

    Michelle! So beautifully written…I have tears in my eyes knowing what a special person you are and how much your visits mean to this woman. I know she’s not my loved one, but thank you for being there for her when her family can not! ♡♡♡ Xoxo

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