Venta Air Washer Review

I don’t talk about it much, but I am an asthmatic. I try not to let asthma slow me down, but I rely on my inhaler daily. I have to use it before any activity and sometimes just on a regular basis depending on my respiratory health. This winter I went through a rough respiratory time where I had to use two different inhalers to control my breathing. My asthma is both allergy and activity induced; I also have a moderate allergy to mold.

Why am I sharing this with you? Well, recently I was invited to try out a Venta AirWasher humidifier and air purifier. The nice folks at Venta contacted me and asked me if I would be interested in writing an honest review of one of their products. I had been contemplating purchasing an air purifier, but to try a combo humidifier/air purifier was such a bonus.

We set up the lw45 unit in our dining room/front room area.


Perfectly packaged for delivery



Sleek and modern looking design

Here are my favorite features about the Venta Airwasher after the last month of usage:

  • Our house is not dry!! I can honestly feel the difference throughout the house
  • The unit is very easy to set up and operate
  • Low maintenance and easy to fill (my daughters even help me!)
  • Little to no noise (The light is on though, so I know it’s operating)
  • Auto shut off feature (Love this feature, because honestly sometimes I forget to fill it)
  • You can add oils to the water inside unit to dispense into the air while it purifies
  • Maintenance is so simple. There are NO FILTERS. It’s easy to clean and maintain

Another feature I love as a sometimes absent-minded mom…being reminded by the Venta Airwasher that it is empty and needs refilling. The unit is great because when it is operating normally it displays a blue light near the on/off switch. When the unit needs water, the light displays as red, so when I notice that it is empty I fill it up. Filling it is as easy as removing the lid and pouring water in, my daughters actually get a kick out of filling the unit.

Since we’ve had the unit I can DEFINITELY feel a difference in the house, the air is not as dry as it typically is during these harsh Chicago area winters. I’d like to say a huge thank you to Venta for letting me try out the unit. What a great addition to our home environment.

Thanks for reading!!

XOXO- Mish

Oh My Goodness, 2015

Oh my goodness, what a year you were 2015! I think I will mostly remember 2015 as the year that…I Wasn’t Afraid Anymore.


One of my fav pics of 2015. My husband Mike and I

The girl, who had NO IDEA how to swim, swallowed her pride and took adult swim lessons with the Chicago Park District in January 2015. My entire goal was to be able to complete an indoor/outdoor triathlon in April. I trained hard, it was exhausting but it was very gratifying. I found myself gaining confidence and strength in the pool. Not speed, I would never gain speed actually (perhaps I will in 2016?). I also found myself on a bike, clipped in?! This was new to me…I had my share of embarrassing falls, but overall I enjoyed the bike. Again, I’m not fast on the bike…middle of the pack, but I found that cycling is very therapeutic and a wee bit sore on your booty. They have special cream for that…it tingles…I’m not kidding. Believe it or not…I also ran in 2015. I didn’t focus much on running, but I snuck in some running events and even an ultra-marathon which is always fun.

My favorite sports moments in 2015 in no particular order:

  • Swim lessons!! This is a picture from the day I found a pool right by my house! One mile away! This pool would be the location of so much inspiration misery and pride, including some workouts that I couldn’t even stand after. My husband reminds me that I ate an entire plate of bacon right after that swim. #iearnedit

The day I found the pool by my house!


I think I swam 10 laps this night and I couldn’t stand up afterwards

  • I earned my first ever Overall Female win in a 5K as an adult on April 25, 2015. Running alongside high school friends, made for a great day with awesome memories.



  • My first Tri! A dream come true. This race officially made me a triathlete! What made it better was that my favorite guy was along for the ride completing his first too! #teamwork




My kiddos are rock star cheerleaders


My training buddy Erin!


My running mommas came to watch me become a triathlete!

  • My first (and LAST) trail triathlon where I swear I almost died. I fell off my bike into the woods and racked my girlie bits on bike frame, among other things.

The bike ride from hell was almost over at this point. Headed to transition.


About to willfully jump into a freezing lake in northern Wisconsin. It was so cold it took my breath away.

  • Overcame a GIGANTIC fear and completed an Olympic Distance Triathlon! This was a big accomplishment for me. I’ll never forget standing on the beach contemplating backing out of the event. I’ll also never forget swimming into the beach after covering the swim distance and hearing my husband, daughters and my girlfriend Karen screaming for me. I even had some fab friends at the finish line. This girlie is very blessed! Take a look at the running picture below; I’m running into the finish line here with my daughter Julia and I’m all smiles. It felt so great to have her pushing me into the finish!

Standing on the beach crying. About to confront my biggest goal. Thinking of a million reasons not to enter the lake. #diditanyway


It was a billion degrees and I was so exhausted, but my biggest girlie helped me finish my Olympic Triathlon strong!

  • My family’s race moments make my heart smile too! Watching my twins daughters finish their first 5k side by side. Ava and Bella (8 years old) ran their first 5k with my husband and my girlfriend Alison. They smoked the race and ran a 29:50. Scarlett, my littlest girlie (4 years old) also “ran” in this race. How can you not just love the joy on her face as she’s finishing. Julia my 10 year old daughter took home a couple age group awards this year also, but says her favorite was a 5k at our local parish where she ran a 28:37 and my husband ran a 20:55. Both of them took home hardware and pushed hard.

My youngest 3! My twins had just finished their 5k and my littlest girlie ran the home stretch into the finish line.


The smile of an accomplished little girl, one of my fav moments of 2015!


Friends make every race awesome ❤


My hubby and daughter Julia hitting the podium at a local 5k.

  • I rode a “Metric Century” ride (62 miles) at Venus de Miles with a pretty amazing gal in 100 degree temps. Thank you for pushing me to stay strong Karen, especially at the end when I was really wavering. #foundoutilovejustinspeanutbutter #filledmyracekitwithit

One of my biggest inspirations, my friend Karen.


Before Venus de Miles with Wendy and Karen ❤


Before Venus de Miles with my sister Liz

  • Iron Girl Triathlon with my friend Erin. Girls weekend away at a super spooky hotel where we narrowly broke Erin’s bike (thank God for random stranger who fixed it), then when we showed up on race day, we found out that the event was NOT wetsuit legal…still survived somehow and had a great day full of awesome memories. And really awesome post run food. #earnedit

Checking out the lake the day before Iron Girl. Yup, it’s a lake and yup…it’s big.


We’re going to do a triathlon…without wetsuits. OMG. This is so scary!


Yes, yes I am 🙂

  • Ran a race in memory of Michelle Miller, a running friend, who passed away far too soon. Pushed hard (had some angelic intervention) and earned a 1st Place Age Group award.

With my best guy. Running in memory of Michelle.


Age group hardware! I did it for you Michelle. Is that your ray of sunshine shining down on us? I think it is…

  • Ran my slowest half marathon ever with a great friend Michael Scott in Indianapolis. Our families got to spend some fab time together too.  Sometimes, It’s not about speed. It’s about having fun. #runningfriendsrock #ikissedthebricksonthespeedway.

With my great friend Michael in Indy!


This silly picture makes me smile! #runningfriendsrock

  • I ran a 6 hour ultra-marathon which started at midnight! “Christmas in July” was held on one of the hottest days for the year, in a torrential thunderstorm. The night was spent with fab friends and I even made new friends along the way. My fondest memory of this run was running alone in a complete downpour at 1am (think big fat raindrops) while eating pizza and listening to Christmas Carols in an overhead sound system. #runnerswillunderstand

With many of my favorite ultra running friends! I am very blessed.


With my new buddy Paulius who got me to the finish line!

I’m very blessed to have an amazing support system of fabulous friends and family. We take pride in supporting one another. My husband and I rarely miss an event for each other. My heart is full as I watch him run because it’s something that he loves. Being a part of that makes my heart happy. Running is a huge part of our life, however it’s not  what defines us, but rather the love we have for one another and the pride we feel watching one another push hard to accomplish a goal.

I’m still contemplating 2016…I have some pretty cool goals. Am I scared? You betcha, but I think that’s what makes us stronger, at least me anyway. Thank you for taking a walk with me down memory lane for 2015. Tell me what your favorite moment of 2015 was…or what is it you plan to conquer in 2016?

XOXO – Mish


A Little Bit Personal…My Hospice Volunteer Work

Life really is about the journey; I’m reminded about this quite often and today was a perfect example of just that. I’m blessed to be able to do hospice volunteer work with a local organization.  I know my running page is mostly about running, triathlons and balancing my crazy life, but I’d be remiss if I didn’t share this with you. If I can encourage one person to take the journey into volunteer work, then this post is worth it.


My thoughts from today’s hospice visit…

Sometimes I wonder if she can hear me. I find myself wondering if she understands why I am there. Today she knew. Although she can’t verbalize her emotions, she showed me in so many ways that she understood what I was saying. My lunchtime visits with my hospice patient provide me with so much more than I could provide her. My visits give me a new perspective on life. My patient reminds me how fragile and valuable life is.  My visits help me be a better me. I didn’t know that this would happen, I didn’t want anything in return.

Today we prayed and held hands. She held my hand too, not lightly. It was a strong hold. It was in that ‘hold’ that I knew that she knew I was there. I talked with her about farms, cakes and jewelry. She had on the most beautiful diamond cross.  She loves to be dressed up.  My heart is full of love, but it is fuller after our visits. She is so strong.  Me? I hope to someday be as strong

as she is, for now I’ll continue to hold her hand,  pray and talk. #blessed

If you are interested I’d encourage you to look into volunteer opportunities near you. I have already received so much more then I have given and that is the absolute truth.


Thank you for letting me share a little bit about me with you. #bekind #begrateful #behappy

XOXO – Mish

“Be the change you want to see in the world.” -Gandhi


Christmas in July 6 Hour Race

I’m not going to lie; this is going to be a tricky race recap to write as sleep deprivation has made it almost impossible to accurately recall all the details of this soggy all night run-a-thon.

Leading up to this race I had gotten in a ‘couple’ long training runs; it was unplanned but somehow my 2015 training schedule had taken a turn towards triathlons. Going into the race I was hanging my hopes on muscle memory and hoping for unexpected strength I might have gained through my triathlons to get me through the night.

I had no set expectations other than to ‘have fun’ and not get injured. I would be completing this event with My Ultra Bad Ass Girls Extravaganza (UBAGE) as some of my crazy running friends refer to us. Basically, we’re a group of running mommas who set out to have a GNO (girls night out) running for 6 hours. #iknowyouarejealous

About the event, Christmas in July takes place in Lisle, Illinois. It’s a certified .97 something paved mile loop with a hill mountain about ¾ of the way through it. My girlfriends and I opted to run the 6 hour event which started at MIDNIGHT and went until 6am. The weather was hot and humid for race day night. Take a look at the temperature reading on my dashboard just hours before the event.


When we arrived at the race we set up camp and took silly pics.



From left to right…Front Row: Kim from Running on the Fly,  Karen from Trading in My Heels and then me. Back row: Barb,  Maggie,  Teri from Reinventitude and Penny.


We checked out the race scene which was SO FUN. There were Christmas lights and music; it was very festive. It was almost like a mini Christmas tent village that we got to run through every mile. There were drink and food tents as well as the cutest award tent too. (Nutcrackers!)


The paths were lined with luminaries and tons of individual “campsites” as there were some serious hardcore people there doing the 12 hour and 24 hour races too.  (See, we’re not crazy…there are crazier people than us!). While we waited to run we saw the runners from the 12 and 24 hour race running by us…this was really about to happen.


We lined up and off we went into the lightening ridden humid night; we settled into a decent pace mid to upper 10’s. I gasped when I saw the hill mountain on my first loop. I thought; “OMG how the frick am I going to run this hill all night?”  There were 7 of us in our group total, we ran in “clumps” lol. We didn’t want to all stay together because we’d cause a bottleneck on the course. I stayed with Karen and a girl named Sonia that we met on the course for the first 9ish miles. Karen and I have tackled some really cool events together, it only seemed right to have her by my side.  I could see all my friends throughout this part of the race, just slightly ahead of us. Karen had devised a plan to stop for drink every 2 miles and food every 5. I’m easy, seemed like a good plan so I went with it.


I had taken my inhaler throughout the night (#asthmatic) but I was still having a hard time as heat is one of my ‘triggers’.  Karen’s schedule was working out great; I really like running the one mile loop as running through the “village” gave me something to look forward to. Somewhere around 9 miles (I could be wrong) Karen started to feel sick. We had stopped for a drink and I took one look at her and I knew she wasn’t ok, she looked out of it. I felt her arm and she was FREEZING. Ummmm, it was wicked hot out; no way should she be cold. We talked for a little bit and she told me not to wait to for her because she didn’t know if she was even going to rejoin the race.

I went on, but I had a tummy ache about it; I felt bad. It was the middle of the night and did I mention that it was POURING rain by now.

Absolutely down-pouring.

So here I am,  running in the rain underneath a bevy of Christmas lights listening to Christmas music while eating a large slice of pizza. I laughed outloud to myself as I saw the rain bouncing off my soggy pizza. #whattheheckamidoing I was trying to wrap my brain around what I was doing…this had to rank up there among the strangest things I had ever done in my entire life.

I stopped at our camp for the next 2 loops to check on Karen who was still there resting. She still looked weakened and sad. I felt awful for her; I gave her a huge smooch (it really was a big old kiss on the cheek) and then I headed back out. I didn’t see Karen at camp the next loop; my heart sank as I thought she left the race.

My mile times were starting to rise, but I pushed on. I met a bunch of people on the loop, it’s great how you can meet random strangers and become instant friends in an ultra-marathon. This race was full of the nicest people ever. Our group had disbursed by now, with everyone kind of doing their own things, I’d see an occasional gal from the group from time to time which was uplifting.

At one point I saw my friend Teri (who rocked this race BTW along with my new friend Barb!) and I asked her where Penny and Maggie were…I had seen everyone else except them. I knew they’d be running a similar pace to me and I hadn’t seen them in what seemed like hours. #missingmygals Teri said something about seeing them a little bit back; and that they were running with Karen. Wait!!?? Karen is still here? My heart lifted, I was so glad she didn’t leave. I also met up with Kim from the group sometime around this point and we ran for a bit together. Kim and I had never met until tonight (we’ve been FB friends forever) so it seemed like we knew one another for ever. Kim has been struggling with hip pain; she showed a lot of grit out there that night by gutting through some tough miles.

Kim and I got separated (potty break?) and I wanted to meet up with my other girlies so I decided to take a walk break in hopes that they would catch up with me as I walked. I walked an entire loop looking around for 2 bobbing headlamps (Penny and Maggie) those girls ran stride for stride with one another and I could easily spot their rhythm, but I didn’t see them. That loop took me 20 minutes. When I didn’t see them,  I crossed over the timing mat again and this time I figured they had to be close so I sat down on a picnic bench to wait. My mile split for this mile ended up being 40 minutes!!! (Eeek) Ultimately I found the girlies and latched on with them. We walked/ran together except when we got to the hill mountain, then we would walk.  #becauseitsucked

Every so often I’d see Teri and Barb go by…they were really killing the pace and doing a great job! It’s crazy how this race went. I’m so happy I waited (btw…physically this rest was very needed too!!) to catch up with my friends and see them…it made my heart feel good to connect with them in the darkness, but then somehow we separated (fuel stops, water breaks and potty visits).  Karen was feeling better so she went ahead to try and make up some miles and I found myself running alone again.

I was half running and walking up the hill mountain when I started making small talk with the guy next to me about the sunrise. As we ran up the hill, we could see the sun rising over the horizon; it was all different hues of pinks and oranges. It was stunning. That sunrise chit chat started a conversation that lasted through the remainder of the race. Paulis and I ran 5 tough loops together, talking about “life”…my husband and daughters, his girlfriend and destination races. (He’s run in some really cool places). Somehow a running friendship budded with the sunrise; we pushed each other through those last few miles. I practically stalked him after the race to take a picture and friend him on FB. Afterall, a sunrise ultra-friend can’t be forgotten!



I ended up running 27 laps which wasn’t too bad considering I had one lap that took me 40 minutes and another that took me 20. I was 4th place overall in the 39 and under age group.


Barb and Teri both placed, check out their cool nutcracker hardware!


As an added bonus our sweet friend Wendy from Taking the Long Way Home on FB met us at the end with donuts!! #awesomesupport


We all went out for breakfast which was yummy…the conversations were funny and cloudy. We were all so tired and walking funny that I’m certain people thought we were drunk. #drunkonexhaustion


We’re already planning next year, tents and all. 12 hour race here we come!!


I Survived a Trail Triathlon…Barely. Race Recap “Just Tri It” 2015

I’ve been visiting Northern Wisconsin for the 4th of July for more years than I can count…I’ve been boating in its many lakes for years, but I have never had the ability to swim in them, until now! As I was planning our 4th of July trip, I noticed that they hold an annual triathlon in the exact town we visit on the exact days we would be visiting. #meanttobe I jumped at the opportunity without reading the fine print. Ok fine, I knew what I was getting into. The Manitowish Waters, Wisconsin triathlon is called “Just Tri It” …catchy name for a triathlon and seemingly inviting to a new triathlete. The course consisted of a 300 yard swim, 10k mountain bike and 5K trail run. So, at an uneducated glance that seems super easy right? Omgee, I had no idea what I was in for.


We stopped by the lake 2 days before the race and my anxiety went through the roof…yup…it’s a friggin’ lake.


I know what you are thinking…it’s a triathlon; of course it’s a lake. Well…up until now I have completed two tris, one in a pool and another in a quarry. This one would be different because it has fishes and ‘life’ within it.

Race day!!

This is a super small triathlon without bike racks in the transition area; you just line up your bikes in a row on the ground and set up your gear


I still wore my wetsuit although most athletes didn’t. Mentally, I knew I needed the buoyancy that the suit provided.


My husband and girlies were at the race supporting me. I cannot do this without them.

Swim – 300 Yards

I was wave 6; so that meant waiting on the lake shore for 25 minutes prior to my scheduled wave start time. #anxietyrisesbytheminute It’s finally time for my wave to line up; suddenly, the countdown starts from the race’s emcee — 5 minutes, 2 minutes, 1 minute 10 seconds 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 GO (They actually do this for each wave) I think it’s so they can watch all the athletes squirm as they wait for the start.


The swim went well (all things considered); I actually held my own and stayed near the top half of swimmers in my wave. Look how I try and use my height to my advantage, I’m decided that I was going to stay upright and run until I ran out of ground to stand on!


You can see me on the right trying to run as long as I could.  I went out too fast and had to regroup halfway through. The water was waaaaay cold and very very murky. I thought about back stroking midway through the swim to try and regroup, but somehow I pulled it together and stuck to the forward crawl to finish.


I climbed out of the water and high fived my girlies. #gomomgo


Transition 1

I have no idea how the timing mats were set up, but somehow I had a 7 minute plus transition? Seemed like less than a couple minutes. There was a long run from the shore to the bike, but not thaaaaat long.


Bike – 10K Mountain


I honestly don’t even know how to put this part of the course into words. I learned that I am NOT a mountain biker. This was the most challenging event I have EVER done. Bar none. This was an extremely technical course especially for a girl who is new to cycling and happens to live in the flattest town on the planet. (I’m not kidding). I have a not so wonderful mountain bike that I used for this event. Here’s a list of the awful things that happened to me during the bike portion of the event:

  • My chain fell off as I was switching gears less than a mile into the course. I panicked as other riders whizzed by asking if I was “ok”? I answered, “No, I’m not friggin okay!!?? WTF My friggin’ chain fell off and I’m the middle of the woods“ Ok, what I really said was, “I’m good…I lost my chain, but I think I’ve got this.” And ya know what…I did. I got all greasy and dirty, but I got that sucker back on. I can’t tell you how proud that made me.
  • I fell off my bike as I was coming down a steep hill; the bottom area of the hill was rutted out with deep wet mud. I tried to avoid the ruts and skid out. Nothing bad, I half stayed on my bike actually, but the other riders behind me had to stop quick for me so we didn’t crash.
  • I hit a root (well I hit hundreds upon hundreds of roots) but this one in particular sent me flying off my seat and made me hit my pelvic bone on the main frame of the bar.  After that I white knuckled my way over every stinking root, knowing I couldn’t handle another blow.
  • I had to run/walk my bike up a couple mountains hills that I couldn’t manage riding up. I think know I ran it up faster than I could have rode it.
  • I got passed by tons of amazing athletic bike riders who clearly live and race on mountains on a daily basis.


Transition 2

Again, I had an almost 7 minute transition? How that is possible is beyond me. Nonetheless, I was thrilled to be on my own legs and off that God forsaken bike.

Run – 3.1 Trail

We ran along the same route as the bike, but somehow it didn’t feel as deadly. I put my head down (watching for roots) and pushed as hard as my jangled body could. My arms were exhausted from holding on for dear life during the ride. I was alone on the trails, until halfway through the run when I saw some runners ahead of me. I love a challenge and knew that I stunk it up on the bike course, so I aimed to slowly reel them in. I ended up catching 5 runners on the trail and finished with an overall pace of 8:21 per mile. I was happy with that time although with the goofy transition times I’m not sure how accurate it was.


They did not give out finisher medald for this event; so instead I’m going to remember this as the race that I finished against the odds…I’m clinging to the memories of this race by the mosquito bite scars and my bruised booty. The rest of our vacation? It was great! I’m a lucky momma to have these peeps out there supporting me!


I finished in the bottom 1/3 of this event and I’m pretty excited about that because I FINISHED.



Race Recap – Esprit de She Triathlon 2015

Torrential rain, peeing my pants wetsuit, wanting to quit, pushing on, finishing strong. That’s it in a nutshell…here’s the details:

I completed the Esprit de She all women’s triathlon in Naperville, Illinois on June14th. The Esprit de She is a women’s only sprint triathlon. Major positive energy around this event, so many women encouraging and supporting one another!


Packet pickup and body marking the day before with Erin!


Setting up my gear the night before with my littlest girl ‘helping’

The course for this event consisted of a 750 yard swim, a 13.3 mile bike and a 3.1 mile run. I have been training for this event since January; this was my “goal” race of the year. That means I was really aiming to do well at this race and it was a high priority for me.

I went to the race with my friend Erin, my training buddy for the last 6 months! This is Erin’s first triathlon!! The weather on race morning could be described as craptacular if I’m being honest. It actually was awful when we got there; think “raining cats and dogs”. We made our way to the transition area and set up our gear trying to cover everything up in garbage bags. I was soaked; trying to get on my wetsuit in the pouring rain was interesting and probably very comical to see. Imagine  trying to squeeze 5 pounds of potatoes into a 1 pound bag…that was me and my wetsuit.

750 Yard Swim: 13:42

After making ourselves familiar with the “bike-out” area we sloshed our way over to the quarry to figure out how to line up for the swim. I can’t even tell you how much anxiety I had about the swim. Standing on the beach looking out in the water was scaaaary. I was shivering because it was raining and because I was terrified. One by one swim waves went out with 4 minutes inbetween them; I was in wave 12 which seemed like it was really far away at first then all of a sudden, I was standing in the water with a bunch of women  listening to “how to not drown” instructions. It was all a blur, I just stared straight ahead at the “W” shaped course, I could see women everywhere swimming all different types of strokes. There were lots of lifeguards (thank God). I can’t believe how far away the turnaround swim buoy’s appear to be. I can not confirm or deny if I peed in my wetsuit at this point.


Somehow the starting ‘horn’ took me by surprise (Denial?). I ran into the water at first, for as long as I could (thank you sweet Jesus for these long legs). I swam when I could no longer run and I’m actually pretty happy with how most of my swim went. Although somewhere in the middle of the swim a rope got wrapped around my leg, I am Not. Friggin. Kidding. I was swimming along  and I suddenly felt like I got stuck in a fishing line. I gasped and swung onto my back side frantically kicking; I must have looked freaky because the girl swimming next to me stopped and asked if I was “ok”. I shook myself free and kept swimming! I had later heard that a lane line came loose and that the lifeguards had to jump in and corral it. Thankfully this course has some shallow spots so this girl used her longs legs and ran through those parts (so did everyone else). Here is the pic of me exiting the swim onto the beach.


I kind of feel fierce in this pic!

I finished the swim in just over 13 minutes (which I was very happy with).

I saw my husband and daughters after I finished my swim!! I was sooooo happy to see them!! It is such a mental boost to see them even for a second. I can feel their love and support in their yells!

T-1: 4:15 (first transition time)

I lost my goggles, got stuck in the wetsuit because of my race watch and then had to remove and replace the timing chip on my ankle to get my wet suit off. I ran with my bike to the “bike out”  area and hopped on.

13.3 Mile Bike: 50:47

The bike course was 13.3 miles (2 loops). I’m not a strong cyclist, but it’s something that I’m working on. I was passed by a lot of women during this part of the course. Like A LOT of people passed me here. I had to use my husband’s bike (no excuses) because mine was in the shop. I never really got into a good rhythm on the bike. I fueled with Nuun and Honey Stinger Waffles. During the last few miles on the bike I started talking to myself (a low stern get your mind strong kind of talk). “You know you have to run a 5K in a few minutes” “Get ready to run!” “5K, 5K, 5K”.  I was trying to talk myself into the run. The bike ate me alive (Don’t worry, I’ll get revenge. someday).


T2 : 1:29 (second transition time)

I ran through the transition and dropped my bike off and headed out to the run only stopping for a moment to hang up my bike.

5K Run: 25:15

This is such a hard part in a tri, I try to stay optimistic because first and foremost I’m a runner and I should be able to hack the run portion of a tri, but the run humbles you. That’s all I can say. I wanted to walk (many times) but I pushed on. I refused to give into the temptation. I knew I trained hard enough and that I could finish strong.  I’m happy to say that I passed a lot of people on the run…probably everyone who passed me on the bike.

Approaching the finish line! My daughters ran me in!! My oldest daughter Julia hung with me the longest. I’m not sure if she was trying to stay with me or if I was trying to stay with her?  Omgosh, it was just what I needed. I’m an asthmatic so I really can’t talk and run (fast) at the same time. She kept talking and encouraging me and I kept nodding and pushing. I got a lump in my throat listening to her little 10 year old pep talk.


Crossing the finish line was the best feeling! It’s such an incredible feeling of exhaustion and satisfaction. Triathlete x 2!


Celebratory fist pump!


Finisher Pic!


Here are a couple more pics from the day!


Erin and I! I can’t tell you how proud I am of this girl, she made training so much fun!


Nikki is always up for a challenge! She’s such a strong woman!



Natscha and I 🙂 She’s the sweetest and has completed this event for the last 8 years!

Back home…I asked my daughter to take a picture of my husband and I, we were goofing around and she caught this picture of us instead (do we really look that?) It’s not a total loss though you can see the super cute race tank they gave us in this picture…


Doesn’t everyone bust out into dance moves (Maggie our dog is photo-bombing this pic!)

It’s safe to say, I’m falling in love with this sport…Everyone is so supportive, the training is interesting and it just gives you such a great sense of accomplishment. The vibe of this event is amazing, I highly recommend it!!

My favorite part of finishing an event? Cuddling up with this guy…


XOXO – Mish

Let’s Ride! Venus de Miles – 2015

I have an awesome summer planned with races, triathlons and this year…my first ever ride. Yup! I am thrilled to be selected as a race ambassador for Venus de Miles. Venus de Miles is a woman’s only ride that takes place on July 25th in Lake Forest, Illinois.  They have various ride distances and even a 5k run option; I will be completing the 25 mile ride.

I would LOOOOVE to get a group of women together to enjoy a day of fun!

Who’s in???

What makes this event special?


“Participants are treated to healthy, organic food, cocktails, spa services, and a lot of fun. The event benefits Greenhouse Scholars, an education organization that works with extraordinary college students from low-income communities and inspires, supports, and drives them to change the trajectory of their careers, their families, and their communities – forever”

So basically, you are having fun riding and/or running with girlfriends while you are raising money for a great cause. I have a Venus de Miles promotional code which allows you to save $10 off your registration, you can register here. Use the code MommaRuns to get $10 off your registration!


I am fundraising this year too! If you would like to donate to my fundraising page you can do that here! Thank you so much!!!

Click here to learn more about Greenhouse Scholars.  As a college scholarship recipient, I understand the importance of organizations like the Greenhouse Scholars and their value in the community!

I hope to see some of my beautiful friends out there riding!

XOXO – Mish